Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Angelina jolie naked. Googled.

Angelina jolie naked. Some Pictures:

angelina jolie nakedangelina jolie nakedangelina jolie naked
What is all the hype over Megan Fox? Yes, I admit, it is absolutely beautiful and has a rockin body, but I think shes overrated. Please do not confuse and think I'm jealous of her because although it is very beautiful, she is not so great. She just makes me angry to society. if anyone else had the same attitude and cockyness you have, that person would be hated by the media. people like her, because she has a strong sexual attraction, an even though everyone knows shes a total B word, people still adore her. she does nothing good for the world, unless you provide your photos topless, unlike the beautiful Jessica Alba or Angelina Jolie, who helps the poor and stuff. I still have many thoughts about it, but I will stop here because I'm trying to write an entire novel. What do you think?
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